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Custom Products, One-Off Purchases in Microsoft Dynamics AX – Do You Really Need a Separate Item Number for Each?

A requirement that almost every client I have ever worked with has, but AX does not offer an actual menu item for, is handling one off purchases, custom products they might acquire for a customer’s request. These are items that need to be on inventory, as they might be listed on BoMs, consumed into production […]

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Make Your Next ERP Software Replacement Your Last

Some companies are hesitant to change out their ERP software because technology changes so often. But what if you didn’t have to worry about replacing it every 3-5 years?  That would be huge, right? You can’t escape the fact that technology is continuing to advance at break-neck speeds.  Just when you get comfortable with a […]

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Proactivity vs. Reactivity for your Business: Pave the Way with ERP Software

Being reactive is counter-productive.  You lose valuable time, efficiency, and profitability when you spend more time putting out fires instead of working toward your business goals.  To stay a step ahead of the rest in the business world, you need to see issues before they rear their ugly heads.  Using comprehensive enterprise resource management (ERP) […]

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ERP Software Contributes to Better Cash Flow

ERP software can help streamline many areas of your business, but one in particular may really make the difference.  The amount of cash you have available at any given time determines what your business can do. More and more businesses are turning to ERP software to gain greater insight into business operations and financials.  It’s […]

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