How Leading CIOs are Doing it Right – Driving Growth and Transforming IT with Microsoft Dynamics AX

While growth in any business is exciting, learning how to deal with growth can sometimes be a struggle. Old processes can no longer keep up to demand, and growing businesses can mean multiple locations, making it much more difficult to coordinate work flows and manage inventory control. AGT Food and Ingredients was no stranger to this situation.

AGT Food and Ingredients is a Saskatchewan based company with 41 owned and operated facilities around the world employing over 900 full time staff. Focused on comprehensive production, execution and quality control processes of value-added pulse products, AGT services a large supply chain throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Continual growth for the company meant re-evaluating business system processes and acquiring an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system suited to large enterprises.

Find out how zedIT Solutions, a leading IT Professional Services Firm providing strategy and execution for Large Enterprise clients, partnered with AGT to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX and helped drive their growth.

Watch the webinar to find out how AGT, and other leading CIOs are doing it right, by partnering with zedIT Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics AX to streamline operations and manage their commodity risk.

In this Webinar with AGT, representatives from Microsoft and zedIT Solutions talk about how Dynamics AX has transformed AGTs IT, gaining access to timelier global reporting, increasing visibility into the supply chain, and enhancing multi-channel management.

Find out how AGT:

  • Identified key requirements for its new ERP System to meet the demands of increased locations, logistics and contracting.
  • Went from an industry vertical solution to a system better suited to its global operations.
  • Introduced real-time reporting for freight control and integration, inventory replenishment, sales, and purchasing. This led to improved decision making based on buying, selling and market conditions.
  • Increased flexibility in its global business structure, maximizing its productivity which was not currently available from products designed for the pulse agriculture sector.
  • Integrated Microsoft Dynamics AX with existing, mature business processes into one unified business solution. AGT effectively consolidated information from each market with the implementation of AX.

Watch Webinar Recording Here


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