Gain Visibility Into Sales & Marketing Efforts To Drive Growth

Marketing, sales, and customer service departments can be busy places generating volumes of important data. It takes time to review separate reports and determine what is working well and which activities may not be generating the results you had intended. Get quick access to your business data, in a context that makes sense, and drive growth by implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Experienced marketing and sales professionals often have a gift for interacting with prospects and customers. Their instincts can be on the mark when it comes to devising clever marketing campaigns, closing sales or resolving customer issues. However, “gut feel responses” aren’t always reliable nor do they guarantee results. Support your talented teams by providing the technology that supports their efforts.

sales02You can manage all of your marketing, sales, and customer service data within a single, robust CRM solution, such as Sage® CRM. Marketing teams can produce, execute, and track each marketing campaign from Sage CRM. Interactions from social media sites and other advertising sources can also be captured and monitored to assist the marketing team in their goal of generating quality leads. Sales teams can manage customer contracts, product or delivery preferences, and access historical orders within this solution. All this information assists the sales team to close sales and gain new customers. Customer service reps can provide better customer service if they know more about the customer – information that Sage CRM can deliver. Capturing this volume of data is far more efficient with a CRM solution than with manual or disparate solutions. However, it’s the business intelligence within Sage CRM that can drive growth.

Sage CRM offers interactive dashboards that can be customized by each user. Marketers can monitor campaign results, sales representatives can see graphical displays of sales target achievements and customer service reps can react to a support case dashboard. Monitoring data in real time enables all team members to respond quickly to prospects and customers. In addition, it provides insight into the business activities that can be leveraged to your competitive advantage. Detailed reports and graphical representations of data make it easier to see what is going well and what may need additional scrutiny.

You can learn more about your customers and how you can improve the customer experience through the detailed data you capture within CRM. These details can lead to the informed business decisions needed to achieve strategic goals. Contact Caron Business Solutions for more information about using CRM to gain visibility into your sales and marketing efforts and drive new growth.

By Caron Business Solutions, Sage ERP and CRM Provider out of British Columbia

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