Don’t Wait Too Long To Let Go Of Legacy Management Systems

Years ago, many businesses invested heavily in creating customized business management systems that addressed specific business situations. These legacy management systems were necessary for capturing the data that businesses needed to manage day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, these rigid systems can’t grow and change as your business grows and changes. Don’t wait to replace burdensome outdated systems with a flexible, scalable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Today’s ERP can support growth beyond what legacy systems can offer.

Many business owners are concerned with the cost and time it could take to replace outdated business software. These outdated systems were customized for specific needs and while no longer aligned with current business operations, they work to a degree. However, replacing aging technology can actually save time and money. ERP solutions can work with greater efficiency, stay aligned with business operations, and provide additional insights that you can use to further improve productivity and profitability.

Today’s ERP solutions are more affordable than ever before and offer built-in integration of finances, supply chain and inventory, manufacturing and distribution operations, and other core business processes. Right out of the box, you can save money with a single ERP solution as compared to managing multiple licenses or paying for customizations that are often needed with legacy systems. An integrated ERP solution also reduces the need for redundant data entry and makes it easier for your team to enter and access data from the convenience of their own desks or mobile devices in many cases. Using ERP to streamline common daily tasks can save time, improving productivity. Saving time can save money as well as improve efforts to provide value to your customers.

Robust ERP solutions, including Epicor® ERP, can also be deployed quickly so you can get back to business quickly. This powerful solution is also easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, which can improve user adoption and your ability to turn business data into actionable insight that can be leveraged to your advantage. In addition, a single ERP solution is much easier to manage than the multiple, specialty solutions that make up a customized legacy system.

You can’t rely on inefficient, inadequate legacy systems to support a growing business. Contact RAM Software Systems for more information about replacing outdated systems with today’s stronger ERP solutions and position your business for growth.

By RAM Software Systems, Epicor ERP partner out of Texas

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