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Is your sales team stuck in the slow lane?  Get them the turbo boost they need to shorten the sales cycle and respond faster to customer needs, while positioning your business for solid growth.  Get out of the slow lane and get your team on the fast track to success with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Sales professionals often have their own unique way of capturing their customer data.  Many choose to use specialty software programs or their own handcrafted spreadsheets to collect, access, and analyze the data important to their specific responsibilities.  However, these disparate processes make simple data entry and customer management more time-consuming, which distracts your people from their main task – making sales.  Replace inefficient manual processes with the time-saving automations of Sage® CRM.

Sage CRM can get your sales team in high speed by automating leads and opportunities.  Route leads to the sales representatives with the expertise to manage certain customers or product lines.  You can distribute leads by individual, territory, or other qualifier to ensure that prospects get the quality attention that that they deserve and expect.  Follow-up activities can be automated to ensure that leads aren’t lost or forgotten.  Your team can also create quotes, proposals, or complete customer orders much faster and easier with Sage CRM.  Create templates for commonly used documents that your team can use to improve consistency, and save time.  In addition, sales representatives can access customer data any time, from any place from tablets and other mobile devices.  They can answer customer questions, check on the status of orders, and respond faster to other customer needs thereby increasing customer service.

Sage CRM also offers interactive dashboards that make it easier for sales managers to monitor customer data, leads and sales activities, and detailed account data.  Managers can monitor activities in real time and create detailed reports or graphical representations of leads and sales data for senior management or when creating forecasts.

Replacing manual processes with the automations offered by Sage CRM can put your team ahead of the competition.  Contact Caron Business Solutions for more information about getting on the fast track to success with Sage CRM.

By Caron Business Solutions, Trusted Provider of Sage ERP and CRM Solutions in British Columbia

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