Dump The Dumb Software For Smarter Software

Entry level business software and spreadsheets aren’t doing anything for you except storing business data.  Like flipping through papers in a file cabinet, you may be able to find tidbits of data but that’s about it.  In order to gain “actionable” business insight, you need an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that offers business intelligence and robust reporting.  The ability to harness big data and leverage it to your advantage is what separates dumb software from the smarter solutions.

Every business creates valuable data that needs to be stored and used in one way or another.  There are many common ways to collect data:  paper files, spreadsheets, and various software solutions.  These manual processes are easy for most people to learn; however, too simple to provide any benefit other than data storage.  Trying to use the data in these manual systems can be difficult and time-consuming.  You may need to piece several data sets together and validate the data before you can use it to make business decisions.  There is a better way and it starts with better technology.

An innovative ERP solution offers the same ease of use as many manual procedures; however, with the added benefit of time-saving automation and business intelligence.  You can manage financials, supply chain, inventory, manufacturing and distribution operations, and other core business functions within a robust ERP solution such as Epicor ERP.  Your people can save time by entering all of your business data into a single solution instead of several software programs or spreadsheets.  Then the data can be accessed and easily shared between departments.  You don’t have to print reports, email or interoffice mail them to another department, and data doesn’t have to be re-entered into another spreadsheet or solution.  This automation saves valuable time as well as protects data integrity.

The business intelligence offered by Epicor ERP is what elevates ERP above manual processes.  You can use real-time data to prepare profit and loss statements, compare proposed vs. actual budgets, and monitor data for trends.  Monitor sales figures, for example, by product, customer, or region and identify what is selling well.  Then leverage that insight to your competitive advantage.

Replace dumb software and manual processes for the business intelligence and automation offered in an ERP solution.  Contact RAM Software Systems for more information about using smarter software to improve productivity and drive growth.

By RAM Software Systems, Epicor ERP partner out of Texas

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