Information Overload – Tame Unwieldy Data With ERP

Businesses generate a lot of data every day.  As a business expands, even more data is created.  Tame the growing volume of data and leverage it to your competitive advantage with a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Most businesses have many moving parts to their enterprise.  The accounting department is one area that produces a lot of essential data; however, you may also have inventory to manage, a lengthy supply chain, and busy warehouses as well as customers to keep happy.  There may have been a time when disparate specialty solutions and hand-crafted spreadsheets could handle the data your business was generating, but now these solutions are taking too much time to access.  After a few years of business and especially after periods of sustained growth, your entry-level solutions can no longer handle the volumes of data being generated each day.  If you are feeling these growing pains, it may be time to implement a more robust business management solution.

Today’s ERP solutions, including Epicor® ERP, are designed for growing businesses and the volumes of data that they create.  You can manage all of your core business processes from a single, integrated solution, and not experience the delays and slow processing times often observed when using other entry-level or specialty programs.  You can manage financials, supply chain and inventory, manufacturing and distribution operations, and the other moving parts of your business with greater efficiency with Epicor ERP.  Your team can enter and access data quickly, providing you and your managers with the real-time data you need to make swift decisions. 

In addition to easy and speedy access to business data, you can also use the built in business intelligence features to identify trends with your data.  You can get deeper into your financials and determine profit margins on the products and services you offer.  You can also get tighter control over inventory and make strategic procurement decisions that meet customer demand without overstocking the warehouse.  A robust ERP solution makes it easier to take the data you are generating and leverage it to your competitive advantage.

Don’t wait until you experience information overload, implement an ERP solution that can handle the data your business generates each day.  Contact RAM Software Systems for more information about taming unwieldy data with ERP.

By RAM Software Systems, an Epicor Authorized Partner out of Texas

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