Sometimes History Belongs In The Past

We’ve seen old trends come back into fashion again, such as bellbottom jeans, and even vinyl records have a cult following.  However, one thing that should stay in the past is outdated technology.  If the last time you updated your business technology was in 1999 to head off the Y2K scare, then you are now officially an “old timer”.  Old technologies simply cannot compete with the efficiencies found in today’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

You may remember how Y2K caught us off guard, with businesses and other institutions scrambling to rewrite code and update software to ward off the dreaded flip of the calendar year from 1999 to 2000.  Your business was probably one of many that spent time and money updating business software at that chaotic time.  Although those corrections brought you into this century safely, you could still be using outdated technology.  The elaborate spreadsheets and databases from the Y2K era simply can’t compare to current ERP solutions and here’s why:

  1. Integration:   You can manage all of your core business operations from a single ERP solution including financials, supply chain, inventory, manufacturing and distribution operations, and other business functions.  One solution is easier to learn and use than multiple solutions.  It’s also easier and more affordable to update when features and functions are improved.
  2. Automation:  Improve productivity by streamlining data-entry and data-sharing.  Your departments can share business data in the system instead of emailing or sending printed reports.  For example, procurement can use real-time inventory counts and sales orders right from the ERP solution in order to make prudent purchasing decisions.  With these automations, your people can spend more time satisfying customers or performing other important tasks and less time on managing data.
  3. Control and insight:  You can spot trends in customer behaviors quicker and easier with an integrated ERP solution than with disparate, specialty solutions.  Learn what your customers are buying, for example, and adjust marketing campaigns and warehouse activities to support those trends.

In order to be competitive in today’s marketplace, you need today’s technology.  Databases and specialty software solutions simply don’t have the efficiency of today’s ERP solutions.  Leave your old technology in the past and contact RAM Software Systems for more information about using an ERP solution that can take your business far into the future.

 By RAM Software Systems, Inc., Epicor Partner out of Texas

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