Why you should be using Forecaster if you have Microsoft Dynamics GP

With all of the out of the box options that come with Microsoft Dynamics GP coupled with the add-on products, it’s difficult to know which options will fit your needs most effectively. Forecaster is included with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and is an option in GP that you should really be utilizing. Forecaster 7.0 is a financial budgeting and projection tool that utilizes your financial data from GP and offers you a view into your financial future.

Reason #1: It is included with Dynamics GP 2013 and your financial information easily imports into the program. This is a simple way to create budgets with the information you already have.

Reason #2: Forecaster features a spreadsheet style very similar to Excel, making it easy for you to navigate the program with little training. The benefit over Excel is the enhanced security features. You are able to track which employee makes changes and how many changes were made. Users can only alter and view segments and budgets they have access to.

Reason #3: Once the initial set up of Forecaster is completed, you won’t need to make any changes or adjustments. You’ll be able to utilize your templates and information for as long as you would like.

Reason #4: Access the information you want, how you want it. You’re able to choose between an overview of your budget or view the underlying data that gives you specifics.

Reason #5: With one key stroke you can spread your budget across selected accounts or months.

Reason #6: Forecaster stores all of your data in a SQL database.  This removes the chances of losing Excel files or files becoming corrupt.

Budgeting is critical to the financial success of any business. Forecaster is the best way to ensure that your budgeting is done right and you have the information you need.

Cory Severson, a technical consultant at DFC, is a Forecaster expert and offers introduction webinars, installation assistance and training classes. Contact DFC if you would like more information on Forecaster.

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