Should You Grow or Stay Small?

That may seem like a silly question – most business owners want to grow their businesses at some point.  Rather, it may be more appropriate to ask whether you are ready to take your business to the next level.  If you are ready to grow business operations or already expanding, then it may be time to implement better business systems to support future growth. 

Entry-level businesses often start with entry-level software such as QuickBooks.  Elaborate spreadsheets and paper files are also popular with small businesses.  These disparate, manual processes may seem convenient and cost-effective, but your data is essentially inaccessible in a pinch.  A quick response is often necessary to address customer needs, as well as to take advantage of new opportunities.   These entry-level solutions also lack security and audit-trails and don’t contain the workflows needed to increase your productivity.

You may not think that an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is appropriate or even affordable for your small business, but times have changed.  Cloud technology and improvements in ERP solutions make these business management solutions easily accessible for businesses of all sizes and for those with the most stringent of budgets.  Having a proper foundation is essential for moving your business forward and Microsoft Dynamics GP can provide just the solid foundation that you need.

Microsoft Dynamics GP will get you closer to your business data than spreadsheets and entry-level software.  Instead of managing your general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, inventory, and customer data in separate solutions, you can see how your business processes all work together in an integrated ERP solution.  An integrated solution introduces automation and reduces the need to enter data repeatedly into more than one location.  In addition, instead of emailing spreadsheets or data reports, your team can monitor important metrics, in real-time, on customized dashboards on their computer screens.  Microsoft Dynamics GP makes it easier to enter, share, and analyze data and is far more efficient than disparate solutions.

Your entry-level solution won’t be able to support your pending business growth as successfully as an integrated ERP solution.  If you are ready to grow your business, contact the experts at DFC Consultants, Ltd. We can give you an overview of Microsoft Dynamics GP and show you exactly how it will benefit your business and future growth while fitting your current budget. 

By DFC Consultants, Ltd., Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner out of North Dakota

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