It Might Be Time for a New Warehouse Management System if…

If you wait until your warehouse operations are no longer competitive to evaluate whether or not you need a new warehouse management system (WMS), you could be placing your entire organization at a disadvantage.  Instead, take an honest look at your systems regularly with the understanding that it might be time for a new warehouse management system if you:

Struggle to keep pace with industry trends – When faced with rising customer expectations, increased competitive pressure, or dropping margins, introducing new or improved automation management technology to your warehouse can be a powerful tool for increasing competitiveness.

Need to ensure compliance with EDI requirements – Most large retailers have strict vendor compliance requirements that make a modern warehouse management system absolutely critical for success. Since many large retailers use electronic data interchange (EDI), an ideal WMS solution will have EDI integration and be able to automatically transmit order information into the warehouse system or the accounting database.

Aren’t able to manage the changes required by e-commerce – An online business encounters higher transaction volumes and greater customer expectations. Your material-handling needs also change when you ship directly to consumers rather than to businesses. Without the right system, many errors can occur that could be detrimental to your business. You want a WMS solution that supports and integrates with your e-business initiatives.

Want to make the most of investments in new equipment – A good WMS will effectively integrate new material-handling equipment for your warehouse, such as carousels, conveyors, or reach trucks, optimizing performance and maximizing total warehouse efficiency.

Are looking to benefit from a warehouse move – If you plan to relocate to a new warehouse, this may be a good starting point to implement a new warehouse management system. By designing a plan from the ground up at your new location, you can eliminate the bottlenecks and inefficiencies of your old warehouse.

Find that your current capabilities aren’t measuring up – By conducting a detailed benchmark measuring your current capabilities you how well your warehouse is performing and the areas you may want to improve. If your assessment indicates significant changes are necessary, now is as good a time as any to implement a new system that provides the required functions of your warehouse.

If these signs are pointing you towards a new warehouse management system, downloading our “How to Choose a Warehouse Management System” guide is a great place to start your search.

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By Socius, a Sage ERP Partner in Ohio


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