How Your Brain Compares to ERP Software

Your different body parts could not function without the real-time information sent to your brain, so how can your business run without real-time data from an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution?  Just as your brain is needed to control body movements, an ERP solution is needed to control your business movements.

A comprehensive ERP solution is, like your brain, the main source for all of the core elements of your business.  You can control finances, supply chain, production, project and services management, sales, planning, customer relationship management, and much more from a robust ERP solution, like Epicor® ERP.  Integrating each of your business operations with a single software solution is far more efficient than disparate, specialty software programs.  In addition, ERP offers greater visibility and collaboration between each business area.  Understanding how one department can affect the success of another department will lead to greater collaboration and your team will work closer together, instead of have the “it isn’t my responsibility” mentality.  When the right hand knows what the left hand is doing, you can reduce the chance for errors, eliminate redundant activities and improve productivity, and use business data to propel your business forward.

An ERP solution, like Epicor ERP, is easy to learn and just as easy to use.  Your team can enter important business data quickly and efficiently, which can improve labor productivity.  Saving time through automation, ease of data sharing, and reducing the need for redundant data entry will enable your team to focus on other important activities that can generate growth.  Since data is all located in a single software solution, you can monitor key metrics, such as current and projected sales or proposed versus actual budgets, in real-time.  As a result, you can make the swift decisions needed to take advantage of new opportunities or reassess situations that are veering off-track from your strategic goals.

Taking two steps forward requires your brain to coordinate all sorts of muscle activity.  Similarly, you can take your business two steps forward, and many more, with the right ERP solution.  Contact RAM Software Systems for more information about using ERP to manage the arms and legs of your business and keep your business moving efficiently and successfully.

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