Mapping Existing Processes Before ERP Selection

Before jumping feet first into an enterprise resource planning (ERP) selection, it’s best to perform some careful reflection. We here at ComTec Solutions run into this a lot with our clients. Most are excited to get their new solution, but completely forget about assessing their business processes. We have helped many companies conduct this analysis to identify some of the processes that they maybe don’t want to continue.  Just because your team is used to collecting certain data in a certain way, doesn’t guarantee that you will want to continue that same process, especially if things can be simplified with a new ERP solution.

How many times have you heard someone say “we have always done it this way” and realized that they didn’t understand the reason or the benefit behind that process?  Get your managers and a handful of key employees in the conference room to clearly identify and define current business operations.  Mapping your existing processes sets the foundation for your ERP implementation.  By taking the time to consider which activities are important for your business success and why, you can look for an ERP solution that best matches your business needs.  You may find that some activities were set in motion so long ago that the results have far less impact today than they did in the past.  This is the best time to ditch the activities that don’t have a clear benefit to your success and focus on the more critical processes that you need to leverage growth.

Once you understand your critical operations, you can use those processes to define improvement objectives or strategic goals.  Then you can define the success criteria for measuring those objectives and monitor those metrics so that you stay on the path toward achieving your goals.  Finally, you can incorporate those critical operations and monitor key metrics with your ERP solution.

Save time, money, and headache by implementing an ERP solution that is based on the business operations and objectives that you need in order to drive successful growth.  Contact ComTec Solutions for guidance with mapping your existing processes and choosing the best ERP solution for your business needs.

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