Timing is Everything

Scheduling production operations is not as easy as most people think.  Customers have deadlines, procurement needs lead time to gather raw materials from inventory or suppliers, and production has to be tooled properly for the next manufacturing process.  Optimize your production schedule to get the most from profit margins and satisfy customer demands by using Epicor® ERP.

No matter what type of product you assemble or manufacture for customers, you need a team of employees to work together to satisfy customer demands.  Your accounting team may want to control how much money you have to spend on inventory; procurement needs to find and order high quality, affordable inventory for production; and, production has to get the products made, packed, and shipped to the customer within a timely manner.  That sounds much easier than it really is, especially if you rely on disparate software programs.  Get your team on the fast-track by using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution, like Epicor ERP (http://www.comtecsolutions.com/epicor_erp.html).

Epicor ERP is a comprehensive software solution that will encourage faster communication and collaboration throughout your enterprise.  This solution will manage financials, supply chain, scheduling and manufacturing, product data, sales and customer relationships, and other core business functions.  Working with an integrated solution will make it easier for your team to work together to meet your customer needs.  The planning and scheduling features in Epicor ERP introduce time-saving automation and improved data accuracy.  You can make long-term production plans, as well as control daily production through this easy-to-use software solution.  Take advantage of long lead times, when you can, and fit in last-minute rush orders when a customer is in a hurry for their products.  The visual tools in Epicor ERP can illustrate where your resources are dedicated and enable you to make quick changes to labor, inventory, and production to optimize your resources.  All of this data will make it easier to keep tabs on supply and demand, in real time, and respond to changes in customer needs.

Optimizing production operations can improve productivity, profitability, and boost customer satisfaction.  Epicor ERP will encourage your entire team to work together, with speed and efficiency, from sales to procurement to production to delivery.  Contact ComTec Solutions for more information about the planning and scheduling features in Epicor ERP and how the right timing can lead to superior customer service and a healthy bottom line.

By ComTec Solutions, New York and Connecticut Epicor ERP Partner (http://www.comtecsolutions.com/)


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