Number One Growing Pain for Company’s Outgrowing Their ERP Software

If something can be measured, then it can be managed, and this adage applies best to businesses using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.  By measuring and analyzing the data that is generated by core business functions, we can determine what is working well and make improvements in other areas.  However, the number one growing pain for organizations outgrowing their ERP solution is the ability to capture and make sense of big data.

There are a number of business management solutions available and all offer different types of data handling and control.  What may be working for your business in the early stages may not offer the same effectiveness as your business grows and changes.  As you add employees, grow product lines and attract more customers, you may also be growing out of your ERP software.  Some solutions can’t offer the flexibility or the volume of data you are collecting.  You may notice employees using creative work-arounds, like separate spreadsheets or other software, to handle data, then re-entering data back into the ERP solution.  Redundant software and data-entry reduces productivity and increases the chance for bad data.  When your ERP solutions no longer coordinate with your business needs, it’s time to migrate to another solution that can.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP is a comprehensive and flexible ERP software solution that can manage finances, manufacturing, supply chain, inventory, project and services management, human resources and payroll and other core business functions.  The business intelligence features in Microsoft Dynamics GP will make it easier to capture big data and spot trends that you can use to leverage growth.  The features of GP allow you to monitor your customers’ buying habits and inventory usage and use data trends to forecast product needs and reduce obsolete inventory.

Greater control over inventory and strengthening relationships with suppliers can save money by operating leaner.  You can track inventory levels in real time and respond to changes quicker with a robust ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Cut costs by preventing unnecessary over-stocking and watch buffer inventory levels to reduce the chance for costly back orders.

Your business generates a lot of data every day.  If you can’t access it quickly, then you can’t use it to leverage growth.  Contact DFC Consultants, Ltd., for more information about using big data to your advantage with an ERP solution that can match your business needs today and well into the future.

By DFC Consultants, Ltd., Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner out of Fargo

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