Follow the Recipe with Method of Manufacturing Management

Manufactures rely on detailed Methods of Manufacturing (BOO/BOM) for the list of operations and materials that go into the products they provide to their customers.  The MOM can include part numbers, quantities, manufacturing methods and other specifications.  Organizing all of the critical information in a MOM is important and using spreadsheets, instead of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, can lead to costly mistakes.

Epicor ERP ( offers a comprehensive, integrated suite of ERP solutions that can manage all of your core business operations.  The Product Data Management module provides an easy way to manage single-level and multi-level MOMs.  Epicor makes it easier to monitor what raw materials are used, how they are used, and track them by supplier, assembly, product, or customer.  You can also monitor the quality of the products you provide to your customers and the costs associated with these products.  Capturing all of this data in Epicor will make it easier to analyze each part or end product to discover new ways to improve on the quality or cost.  You may find new suppliers that can provide the same high quality raw materials, but at better prices or that can deliver them to you faster.  When a customer wants customization or a change to their order, as they sometimes do, you can route last minute changes to your team via Epicor at any point during the process.  Don’t get stuck with unusable raw materials or products because you didn’t alert procurement or production in time.  The quicker you can share details with the team, the quicker you can retool the line or run manufacturing with the proper raw materials.

Some of the products you manufacture are going to have greater profit margins than others due to differences in raw materials, production operations, or labor productivity.  ComTec Solutions is holding a webinar on July 25th, 2013 11:00am discussing the differences in product profitability and how you can use ERP solutions to analyze the true costs behind your products.  Email your company name to to register for this webinar and ensure that you are optimizing your profit margins for each product that you offer.

By ComTec Solutions, New York and Connecticut Epicor ERP Partner

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