Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Gain Operational Flexibility with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Manufacturers are increasingly responsible for providing customized products or asked to make last-minute changes to their products.  Depending on the technology available, your team may treat these types of product changes as a nightmare or just another way to keep your customers happy.  You don’t have to sweat customer changes when you have software, like Microsoft Dynamics® GP that offers the flexibility needed in engineer-to-order and make-to-order manufacturing operations.

An integrated ERP solution puts your entire team on the same page. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, your team can collaborate quickly and efficiently so that when a customer calls with changes to their order specifications, you can make the adjustments as needed with data available right at your fingertips.

Microsoft Dynamics GP also offers robust inventory management.  You can monitor, in real time, inventory levels to ensure that you always have efficient levels of inventory without over- or under-stocking.  Identify trends in production so that you can order inventory in bulk, when prices may be more advantageous, or place replenishment orders when you are anticipating a big production run.  You can also monitor inventory in multiple warehouse locations so that you can use the entire inventory you already own, reducing the chance for over-buying inventory.  Detailed supply chain and inventory data will help your team react faster when a customer requests a customization or change in their order.  You can quickly check to see if you have the different raw materials in house or get procurement to place a new order from a trusted supplier right away.  The quicker you can get the modified inventory, the quicker manufacturing can assemble the revised product.

If a change request causes chaos in inventory or manufacturing operations, then it’s time to move away from disparate software and into an integrated ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Strengthening collaboration and communication throughout your enterprise will improve both productivity and profitability.  Contact DFC Consultants, Ltd. for more information about using Microsoft Dynamics GP so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff: Contact DFC


By DFC Consultants, Ltd., Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner out of Fargo, North Dakota

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