5 Ways to Make Your Business More Agile

Are you able to make informed decisions in order to react quickly and cost effectively to changes in their environment?  Can you adapt nimbly to the real-time changes that crop-up in today’s business world?

According to Focus Research Expert, Jonathon Gross, “[whether] businesses like it or not, they have to be agile to succeed. If managing extreme economic volatility wasn’t challenging enough, businesses also have to contend with shifts caused by acts-of-God, faster cycles of technological innovation and obsolescence, and structural shifts in the labor market.”

Jonathon and his colleagues at Focus Research suggest that enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, like Sage 100 ERP (http://www.socius1.com/solutions/erp/sage-100/), allow for businesses to increase their agility by closing gaps across the entire organizations so that the right information gets to the right people at the right time.  More specifically, they’ve identified 5 ways that ERP software can make businesses more agile, including:

  1. Real-time Business Intelligence Delivery – ERP applications allow timely and relevant data to be extracted from far-reaching corners of the database, and then manipulated as needed in a user-friendly way, giving end-users the power of analytics.
  2. Paving the Way for Process Improvement – ERP solutions that have strong BI, analytics, reporting and integration features can help business decision makers to turn that information into process improvements that can be replicated and scaled across the entire organization.
  3. Available Wherever They Are Needed – With web-client capabilities, ERP solutions can be available anywhere, anytime your people need to add or access data on smartphones, laptops or tablets.
  4. Enabling End-to-End Automation – An integrated ERP solution can automate the collection of data from across multiple functional areas and present information in the right context for quick decisions.
  5. Leveraging the Benefits of the Cloud – Cloud computing allows businesses to take advantage of only the functionality they need in an ERP solution without upfront or ongoing hardware costs and with the ability to scale their solution as their needs change.

To learn more about how ERP software solutions can make your business more agile and nimble, read the “Focus Experts’ Briefing: Five Ways Modern ERP Solutions Increase Business Agility”.  Download it here.

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By Socius, a Sage ERP Partner in Ohio

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