From Optics to Complex Manufacturing: ERP Makes a Difference

Your business is unique, often complicated, and undergoes many changes based on customer demand.  While it may be hard to imagine that enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can match your exact business needs well enough to provide the control and insight that you need, Epicor® ERP can do just that.  But don’t just take our word for it; the best way to understand whether software will ultimately help your business is through examples…

Even the most complex manufacturing operations can be organized and controlled within the right technology.  Services including initial design and prototypes, product testing, volume manufacturing, and various assembly operations can all be organized in a single solution.  Even variables, such as out-sourcing can be monitored and controlled.  For example, in the optics industry, it is not unusual to find a group of companies that share an element of the manufacturing of fiber optic cable or lenses.  Glass can be made at one location, polished at another location, then returns to the manufacturer for final assembly.  Scheduling the out-sourced portion requires a strong, reliable relationship with suppliers so that the time needed by the supplier is aligned with your manufacturing schedules and your customer’s deadlines.  You can have real-time insight and control into each element of your complicated manufacturing operations whether they are on-site or off-site, when you have the right technology.

Epicor ERP offers comprehensive management of financials, supply chain, production, planning and scheduling, product data management, as well as customer service, and customer relationship management.  You can manage inventory and manufacturing operations in real time, including sub-contracted activities.  You can also choose to allow customers to monitor the progress of their orders, so that they can control their own scheduling, manufacturing slot, or scheduled completion time.  Technology like Epicor ERP provides the ability to closely monitor manufacturing operations, no matter how complex they can get or how much they change by product line or customer demand.  The control and insight that you will have by using an ERP solution will help you streamline operations, improve productivity, and get the most out of your profit margins.  Better yet, Epicor ERP has the flexibility to change as your business needs change.

Complex manufacturing may seem like a chaotic business that can’t be tamed by the same ERP solutions that everyone else uses, but it can.  The more powerful ERP solutions, such as Epicor ERP, can provide insight into every challenging step of your manufacturing operations from procurement to scheduling, outsourcing to final assembly, and delivery to the customer.

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By ComTec Solutions, an Epicor Authorized Partner with offices in New York and Connecticut

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