Medical Device Manufacturers Track Product Data from Cradle to Grave

Medical device manufacturers face tight regulations with product documentation, safety, and traceability on a day to day basis.  The ability to track detailed product data throughout a complicated supply chain, from cradle to grave, is no easy task – unless you have the right technology.

If you use the right technology to integrate and strengthen operations, then you can face industry regulations with no fear.  Epicor for Medical Devices is a global enterprise resource planning software solution designed for manufacturing and distribution organizations who supply products and services to the Medical Devices industry. It can provide end-to-end management of accounting, sales, inventory management, customer relationship management, human resources, and much more.  You no longer have to struggle with separate software programs, lost inventory, compliance reporting, and sagging sales.

The most important benefit that integrated software creates for medical device manufactures is being able to maintain a complete audit trail of product data for all medical device products.  Manufacturer product data, specific materials used, processes performed, suppliers used, operator training, quality test results, and more can be stored in Epicor ERP.  This detailed product data can be used to satisfy regulatory agencies, streamline production, and improve sales.  With greater insight into everything, the possibilities are endless. You can streamline operations improving productivity and profitability. You can access critical business data to make business decisions, allowing for business growth. You will also know your customers in a whole new way, providing unsurpassed customer service.  Detailed product and customer histories will provide pertinent data needed to answer questions and assure customers that you have developed the best products to meet their needs.

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By ComTec Solutions, an Epicor Authorized Partner with offices in New York and Connecticut

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