Why is ERP So Important for Your Business?

When Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software gained popularity back in the 90’s, people said it was mostly because you could consolidate all processes in one place.  Turns out, they were on to something.  Moving away from carbon-copy forms and fancy spreadsheets toward integrated software saved time, improved productivity, and provided new insights into business operations.

  1. Data at your fingertips:  Before ERP, you needed to call or email your managers for reports – data on sales, customers, products, or other information you need to make important business decisions.  You might have walked the hallways looking for your people or waited for a call-back or returned email.  Wasting valuable time, whether looking for your data or waiting to get it, delays decisions.  You risk missing an opportunity to bid on a project because you can’t get the figures you need to quote it properly.  With your ERP software solution, you can have critical metrics right on your desktop or mobile device.  Should you need details about specific customers, sales, or product data, you can drill down to get additional information.  Today’s ERP saves time from having to wait for your important data, as well as your manager’s time from having to drop everything and get you data.
  2. Improve productivity through automation:  Integrated software builds connections throughout your business.  Customer data can be used and shared by your sales team when making marketing calls, with your accounting team for generating invoices, and with your warehouse to pick, pack, and ship products in accordance with contract terms.  Data sharing streamlines your entire operation from the front office to the back warehouse.  Providing your employees with the right tools will save time, automate data-entry, reduce the need for double-entry, and improve data accuracy.  All of these automations add up to streamlined operations and improved productivity.  Your team can accomplish more, in less time.
  3. Work smarter, not harder: One of the most valuable functionality of ERP software includes the business intelligence features that you can use to drive growth.  Building connecting between operations and the bottom line will show you where and how to make changes that can take your business to the next level.  You can determine where to control costs, your best selling product or top customer, and fine-tune marketing efforts.  Visibility into your business will enable you to make decisions faster, with more accurate data, which will keep you ahead of competition.

Back in the 1990s, businesses were looking for an easier way to collect and store the data that they generated.  That idea evolved into today’s ERP software solutions, which are far more than just integrated software.  Today’s ERP solutions provide automation to streamline operations, as well as business insight to make quicker, smarter decisions.  Contact RAM Software Systems for more information about how the right ERP can benefit your business.

By RAM Software Systems, Epicor ERP partner out of Texas

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