Five Benefits of Traceable Data

One of the greatest things to come out of your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is traceable data, but what does this really mean for your business?   The ability to put your fingers on important data is really priceless.  Knowing where your raw materials come from, what they cost, what happens when they arrive at your facilities, and where they are shipped can be very important.  Using your critical data can drive growth, boost profits, streamline operations, and keep you ahead of competition.  Here are just a couple of the benefits of having traceable data.

  1. No more hide and seek:  Find inventory by lot or serial number, by vendor, date received or shipped, and other qualifying data.  Knowing where your inventory is, in real time, will give you greater control over inventory levels.  Greater inventory control can improve cash flow, as well as improve the quality of your inventory without the additional cost.
  2. Get more done faster:  Integrated ERP software solutions streamline common daily activities which will improve productivity.  Your team can enter data pertaining to incoming materials, schedule production, and pick and ship products with greater accuracy and speed than when using disparate software and technologies.  Spend less time on handling your products from order to delivery to save time and money, and improve customer satisfaction.
  3. Save money and boost profits:  Greater visibility into your supply chain and operations will enable you to spot trends that you can use to optimize what you do well, and make improvements to areas that are lacking.  Focus on the most profitable products and determine whether you can make improvements to less profitable areas or whether you should drop them altogether.
  4. Be the best:  Using top-notch technology to improve business operations can give you an advantage over competition.  Improve the quality of your products without increasing product cost.  Working smarter and not harder will give you an edge and improve your bottom line.

Using the data that is generated by business operations can improve productivity and profitably, and drive business growth.  However, you can only use that data when you can find it.  Contact ComTec Solutions for more information about the benefits of traceability and using your data to drive growth.


By ComTec Solutions, New York and Connecticut Epicor ERP Partner

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