Can ‘Big Data’ Actually Help Your Sales Force?

What is ‘Big Data’ anyway? Isn’t it just another name for Business Intelligence? In a way, yes; but with the amount of data now available at our fingertips with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, it also means a LOT of data. The benefits of this ‘Big Data’ can be overhyped, especially when describing how analytics can help sales forces.  If you aren’t careful, you could end up buried underneath a mountain of data instead of at the top with the insight to drive business growth.

Capturing the right data in the right format is the trick that we’ve learned from the history of ERP software implementations.  ERP software isn’t cookie-cutter for every business and big data is only as good as it is entered and used in a manner that makes sense for your specific business.  Epicor® offers a full suite of business software to help you manage your big data effectively.

Knowing your customer’s buying habits will highlight interesting trends.  You can determine your best selling products or services, as well as you most profitable products and services.  Once you know what products sell best, you can focus sales and marketing efforts on the types of customers that might want those products.  At the same time, you might alter marketing efforts on the other product lines in an attempt to spur new sales growth.  Similarly, knowing your best customers can help you focus on their needs so they remain your best customers.

A lot of data isn’t necessarily helpful, but a lot of the right data can be.  Epicor ERP can help you capture the data that you can use to improve sales and streamline your operations.  The key is setting it up properly, training your team to use it properly, and keeping the software up-to-speed with your business operations.   Contact RAM Software Systems for more information about capturing the right big data to help drive sales and keep your sales team busy.

By RAM Software Systems, Epicor ERP partner out of Texas

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