Out with the old and in with the new

It may be obvious to most that using old data is a bad way to create a new budget or draft a proposal.  You wouldn’t use 1950’s gas prices when planning the budget for your next business trip.  And yet many businesses do this every day.  Waiting for weeks or months after quarter-end to get the data you need to write a proposal or draft a new budget means you are already using old data to plan future activities.   Have accurate, real time data at your fingertips at all times and make smarter business decisions with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software like Epicor® ERP.

Using disparate software programs or spreadsheets delays your ability to collect important business data.  Then once you get the reports, spending time on verifying accuracy and making sense of it all takes even longer.  Using old data to make important business decisions will put you at a great disadvantage.  Instead, use an integrated software solution such as Epicor ERP to put all of your critical data in a single, easy-to-use software solution.  Epicor ERP offers management capabilities for finances, manufacturing, supply chain, project and services management, sales and customer relationship management, and other core operations.

Save valuable time by providing employees with an easy to use software solution.  Entering data faster, with fewer key strokes, will improve productivity, and free up time that can be spent on other important tasks.  Epicor ERP also adds automation to data-entry and data-sharing that will decrease the need for double-entries and reduce the risk for human error.  As a result, you’ll have more up-to-date, accurate data that you can use to respond faster to new opportunities.

The business intelligence features in Epicor ERP will also provide insight into the profitability of your business operations.  Use the detailed data that you collect to get a true cost associated with overhead, specific product or services lines, and other costs of doing business.  Using current, accurate data will enable you to create more accurate proposals and budgets, as well as set reasonable and achievable strategic business goals.

The benefits of using comprehensive ERP software, such as Epicor ERP, include the ability to streamline operations, improve productivity, and drive growth.  The only way to achieve these benefits is by collecting and using real-time data.  Contact ComTec Solutions for details about using Epicor ERP to collect and use new data, and leave the old data in the past.

By Mary Cronin, VP, Operations at ComTec Solutions, an Epicor Authorized Partner with offices in New York and Connecticut

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