The Domino Effect of a Misinformed ERP Selection: Select Only the Best

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software touches every area of your business so if you’re not careful in the selection process, you risk starting a domino effect that could negatively affect your bottom line and ultimately put you at risk.

The first thing to do when choosing to add ERP technology to your business is to outline a strategy.  Determine what data you want your software to capture and what you want to do once you have that data.  Many ERP software solutions, like Epicor® ERP manage finances, supply chain, project and service management, production, scheduling, sales and marketing, customer relationship management, and many more business operations.  Select the business features that most apply to your business operations today and focus on ERP software that has modules or functionality that you can add should your business needs change in the future.  Most software solutions also offer business analysis and reporting features.  If you have regulatory agencies, taxing authorities, banks, shareholders, or other important organizations that you regularly report to, make sure your software can report and share that information easily.

Choosing a software partner is also a top priority when choosing ERP software.  You will work closely with the partner to determine which software will best suit your strategic and business needs.  The partner can help you decide how to deploy the software, provide employee training, and should also be available when employees have questions or need trouble-shooting assistance.  A reliable partner will also contact you when software upgrades are available or when new features might be available that can improve your ERP experience.  Should you have separate software that you use for a business function that is not available in your ERP solution, your software partner can tell you whether this separate software can be integrated with the ERP.  In many cases, the partner can customize an integrated functionality.

Many businesses are tempted to shop for ERP software by the price tag.  While managing a budget is important, choosing the right software is critical.  Choosing the wrong software will cost more money in the long run due to time-consuming and expensive integration fixes, lost revenue, and when all your employees are tired of using software that doesn’t work, you’ll end up at square one.  Contact ComTec Solutions for guidance on choosing the right ERP software solution for your business that will improve productivity, profitability, and drive business growth.

By Vincenzo Chirdo with ComTec Solutions, an Epicor Authorized Partner with offices in New York and Connecticut

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