How to Fix What is Broken: ERP Integration Handiwork

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software gives companies a way to integrate and manage information from important business processes and across multiple systems.  By connecting the dots between financials, operations, supply chain, and other business relationships, you are building a reliable collection of critical business data that will provide a more accurate picture of your business.  Using disparate software programs and spreadsheets simply can’t illustrate the important relationships between business functions, which you need to in order to work efficiently.

Epicor® ERP is a dynamic software solution that offers a comprehensive and flexible set of modules used to collect and organize your business data.  You can use Epicor ERP to manage finances, supply chain, production, sales, project management, planning and scheduling, customer relationship management, and the other key functions of your business.  You pick and choose the modules that apply to your operations today, and easily change them as your business needs change.

ERP software, like Epicor ERP, offers greater insight and control over finances.  Once you know how sales, production, or other business operations impact your bottom line, you can quickly find ways to streamline these operations in order to improve productivity and profitability.  Automating the efforts that go behind organizing contracts, preparing invoices, and collecting receivables will improve your cash flow and reduce operational costs.  Epicor ERP can also help you with inventory control so that you always have the inventory needed to satisfy customer demand, without investing in excess inventory.  Procurement and production scheduling can be organized with Epicor ERP to avoid inefficiencies and line downtime.  Producing products quicker and more efficiently will lead to better profit margins and improved customer service.

Epicor is a reliable ERP system that can keep you on the path toward reaching your strategic goals.  You’ll be able to access real time data to see when metrics are being met or if budgets are being exceeded.  Being able to react quickly will help you prevent problems before they become disasters and respond to new business opportunities before your competitors.

Epicor ERP is a scalable and flexible software solution that can meet almost any budget.  Contact ComTec Solutions for more information on how Epicor ERP can help you integrate all your critical business data so that you can run your business more efficiently.

By Mary Cronin with ComTec Solutions, New York and Connecticut Epicor ERP Partner


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