Turning Points for Enterprise Software in 2011

A lot has transformed and developed during 2011, setting the stage for new possibilities in 2012.  There were notable acquisitions amongst the big software players, upgrades to key business software features, and a continued focus on social media for businesses.  There is still much talk about the affordability and technology behind cloud computing as well.  How will these changes affect businesses and their existing ERP technology today?

Many legacy systems simply aren’t able to keep up with the major changes going on in the software industry and can be difficult to upgrade or transition out of when new, more applicable, business software is released.  However, if your ERP software isn’t doing the job anymore, then you are likely losing control over managing finances and the ability to spot opportunities and react when problems arise.  If you have a legacy system that isn’t working for you, then it may be a good time to switch ERP solutions.

Epicor ® ERP has been one of the main enterprise resource planning software options available and continues to be a strong solution for many businesses.  The scalability of this software allows companies to pick and choose features that are applicable to operations, so that you don’t pay for software you won’t use.  Also, Epicor is flexible and can be easily customized or changed as business operations change over time.  Since Epicor can be tailored to match business operations, you won’t end up with a stagnant legacy system that is too expensive to unload when it no longer meets your business needs.

Powerful ERP software, such as Epicor, is able to streamline business operations, provide deep insight into financials, and improve productivity and profitability.  It is affordable right out of the box, so new businesses or businesses looking for new ERP options can easily and quickly transition into new software.  Companies with multiple locations and global locations can use Epicor to manage multiple currencies.

Whether you haven’t yet used ERP software or have a legacy system that isn’t meeting your needs, Epicor is a game-changing ERP solution that can be tailored to meet your needs today and grow with your business well into the future.  For more information about the latest technology changes and Epicor solutions, please contact RAM Software Systems.


By RAM Software Systems, Epicor ERP partner out of Texas

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