Quality Management Simplifies Product Traceability and Improves Accuracy of Data

It’s an understanding that quality management must be embedded within each manufacturing process, and Epicor Software’s ERP Suite makes that possible.  Many companies need to track an entire lifecycle of a product – whether for safety, regulatory, or other reasons.  Storing data in disparate departments or software is time-consuming and unreliable.  Epicor ERP is a dependable, intuitive software with workflows that can track product data and provide intelligent reports that can be used to improve products and operations.

Epicor ERP provides a comprehensive list of software solutions including financial management, product, supply chain, customer relationship management, and much more.  For manufacturers, key data for their products can be tracked from the design phase, through manufacturing operations, and into the post-sale phase.  Having control over the various phases for each product will promote compliance with regulatory and industry standards, streamline manufacturing operations, and improve productivity.  Added insight into manufacturing processes can lead to reduction of lead times, streamline operations, and improve lean strategies.  Epicor ERP works with barcode technology which will also help optimize inventory and warehouse operations.  The ability to find, pick, and prepare products for manufacturing will be more efficient and more accurate, improving productivity in the warehouse.

Manufacturers are relied upon to deliver their products at a reasonable price and within a specified timeframe.  Business management software solutions, such as Epicor ERP, can illuminate operations so that companies can improve performance and accuracy, product accountability, and profitability.  Epicor ERP also provides an easy to use workflow feature for added traceability, which is an important feature for many manufacturers.  If you are having trouble tracking your products from start to finish, then contact Ram Software Systems for details on the Epicor ERP solution.

By RAM Software Systems, Epicor ERP partner out of Texas

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