What’s in an ERP Software License?

Instead of all-out purchasing ERP Software, most companies take the licensing approach. Companies do this for a number of reasons and vendors offer various stipulations, but what does it all mean for YOU?

Basically it means you need to get your finances and requirements in order to see what you can afford and how an ERP license can make having ERP software beneficial for your business operations. Here are a few key things to keep in mind while you evaluate your situation:

  • ERP Licensing Can Be Perpetual: This means you pay for it once and have access to it always. Keep in mind that a perpetual license agreement might have a condition that you can use that software only for as long as you continue to pay maintenance to the software vendor that provides the software.
  • Maintenance Fees In Addition to Licensing: A maintenance agreement can include technical support as well as regular upgrades and backups. This is usually a percentage of your ERP software license and a major reason why companies take the licensing approach so they always have access to up-to-date software and support.
  • Access Across Your Company: The number of users and type of access needed affects your licensing costs. So make sure to get this straightened out at the beginning. Many companies end up paying more than they need to if they’re not prepared.

These are top things to keep in mind but it’s also important to know licensing varies, depending on your specific requirements as well as what type of software vendor you choose to do business with. A good vendor will work with you to make licensing and maintenance fees work for you. If you have any questions about Epicor ERP Licensing, please contact us at Sikich.

By Sikich, Epicor Partner based out of Chicago

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