Top Three Advantages of a Full 360 Degree View of Your Work

Having insight into your business is an obvious benefit, but many features need to fall into place to achieve this.  To have a full 360 degree view of your work, you need data that’s accurate across all departments at any given time.   Powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software such as Epicor® ERP is the ideal tool for capturing a consistent 360 degree view of your business operations.  With this visibility, you can achieve more efficient operations, optimize profitability, and meet your business goals – even in this challenging economy.

  1. Streamlined Operation – Epicor ERP has a full portfolio of options to suit your company.  Flexible and scalable to meet your specific requirements, Epicor ERP includes customer relationship management, supply chain, and other features that can be implemented as needed.  Managing the entire product or customer lifecycle within Epicor will improve efficiencies across the company.  Doing away with disparate software and automating common daily data entry will save time and reduce the chance for human error.
  2. Improved Profitability – By streamlining operations, you’ll see marked improvement in productivity.  Employees will be able to accomplish more, faster, and with greater accuracy.  In addition, added control over supply chain, distribution, inventory management, and product or customer services will optimize profit margins and cash flow.  Learning what product or service is most profitable will help you capitalize on those strengths.
  3. Meeting Business Goals – Track and measure metrics within Epicor so that you and your employees are always on the same page.  Epicor will also provide greater collaboration and communication between employees which will ensure that everyone is working together to meet the same goals.

Using comprehensive software such as Epicor ERP will give you a more transparent view of operations, financials, and the products and services that you offer.  With this information, you can make improvements and grow your business, even in our current economy.  For more information about Epicor ERP, please contact ComTec Solutions.

By Rob Moyer with ComTec Solutions, New York Epicor ERP Partner


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