Three Rules to Effectively Leverage your ERP Software

Rules are created to sustain order and order in the business world can help you save money. And after all, this is the bottom line, right? We all want to make money so we can continue running our business. We’ve created three specific rules to follow when it comes to your ERP Software with this in mind. ERP Software should help you save money as well as keep order at your organization, but you do have to follow these rules.

  1. Tell ERP what you know- In order for your ERP solution to work effectively, it needs information. Information that you provide about your business. This could be exact business processes or inventory or order updates. Either way, your ERP solution should be the first thing you tell. Once ERP is updated, then it’s easy to keep every other department on the same page. For example, if your sales team places an order in ERP, then your warehouse should be automatically updated to process that shipment and take it out of inventory.
  2. Tell ERP when you know it- Time is of the essence when it comes to knowledge. ERP software makes it possible to access real-time information, but only if you stay on top of telling ERP what you know, WHEN you know it. Your ERP solution is only as effective as the user. Many organizations tend to overlook this and cut back on their user training, which can greatly affect the ROI of your ERP software. Follow this rule, and you’ll benefit from in-depth, real-time information that managers can utilize to make better business decisions.
  3. Don’t lie to ERP- No matter what the circumstances are, such as human error or silly mistakes, you should never lie to your ERP solution. First of all, it will not yell at you for making a mistake, but it will report inaccurate calculations and that can make things even worse. Most ERP solutions today are scalable enough to account for manual error as it does happen, but don’t ignore it. Fess up right away to prevent further mistakes down the road.


These three rules are very straightforward and for good reason. Although they may seem like common sense, many organizations make these small mistakes that can put their businesses at risk. As mentioned above, ERP software should make you more money or at least help you save in certain areas. By following these rules, you can be sure your software investment will be worthwhile.


By Rob Moyer with ComTec Solutions, New York Epicor ERP Partner

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