Save the Environment…and your Business with Epicor Carbon Connect

There’s no doubt about it, business has changed immensely in recent years. Not only are companies more financially conscious, but they’re also environmentally aware of their carbon footprint. “Going green” is no longer a trend; it’s becoming a way of life and one that businesses really need to pay attention to.

Epicor is paying close attention to this new way of life and has created Epicor Carbon Connect. Epicor Carbon Connect provides companies with the ability to identify, analyze, audit, track, manage, benchmark and report on their carbon emissions/environmental impact and energy consumption. In addition to a focus on green initiatives, it also shows businesses where they can save money, creating a more sustainable operation. In a press release, Matt Muldoon, vice president, product marketing for Epicor says, “Financial management applications are the central hub toward effective management of sustainability challenges,” he continues, “Deploying an enterprise-class carbon accounting solution in the Cloud will empower our customers to meet evolving reporting and regulatory requirements, while optimizing the performance, cost and value of their governance, compliance and risk efforts.”

In addition to the trend of going green, companies are entering a whole new type of competition that throws them off balance. Consumers are more demanding of lower prices, and the market is more volatile than ever. This makes having the insight into business processes and financials a necessity to stay afloat. Epicor Carbon Connect makes that possible with advanced capabilities to see everything companies need to in order to make sound business decisions.

If you’re interested in learning more about Epicor Carbon Connect, contact us at ComTec Solutions. We have experience working with customers in implementing both the online and on-premises version of Epicor Carbon Connect and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


By Rob Moyer with ComTec Solutions, New York Epicor ERP Partner


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