ERP Software for your Regulatory Needs

ERP Software can streamline your business operations and make it possible to meet requirements of your industry.  Regulations are put in place so you can do your job right.  ERP Software is also put in place so you can do your job well.  Epicor ® can help you do both.

Epicor ERP software provides many options that will improve your productivity and support regulatory compliance requirements.  For the accounting department, payroll, taxes, and other financial reporting requirements specific to your industry and location are built into the software.  When tax rates, wages, or other financial figures change, software upgrades will be released to ensure that you are processing payments correctly.  Working globally will likely mean working with multiple currencies, as well as tax codes or other financial variances.  Epicor can handle multi-company, multi-plant situations, and global currencies.  As your business expands, Epicor will keep up with your growth and global challenges.

Corporations are being pushed for higher financial visibility and must comply with various financial audits.  Maintaining financial data safely in a single location is much more efficient than using separate sources.  Having real-time, quality financial data in a central location will allow you to report or provide audit trails for many aspects of your business.  The ability to quickly report on various financials will satisfy shareholders, as well as state or federal agencies.

Companies in the pharmaceutical or other chemical-related industries will find relief with the material requirements planning (MRP) solution.  The MRP module provides a single point for entering sales, manufacturing, material requirements planning, purchases, and quality control information.  Reducing multiple data entry points and having the data in a single location will improve productivity and reduce the chance for human error.  MRP will make it easier to maintain compliance with quality control, batch tracking, recalls, and provide audit trails that will satisfy the due diligence regulations for these types of businesses.

Epicor is a comprehensive business management solution that will improve productivity and help you maintain compliance with the rules and regulations that affect your business.  For more information about Epicor solutions, please visit our website or contact us by calling 972-669-0763 or emailing
By Michael Green of RAM Software Systems, Inc., a Texas software service provider and Epicor Partner

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